• The formalization of data storage structure: units, frequency, mathematical calculations, numeric series (a plan, a fact, a deviation, %, etc.)
  • Developing requirements for dashboards
  • Description of users and system interaction
  • Determination of data sources – available sources, such as CRM, ERP, WMS, etc.
  • Access rules to the system – users, roles, groups, functions
  • Test data for the system check

Result: production expenditures (requirements lists) and relevant documents describing project execution

  • Development of data storage structures in the system, describing all the mathematical formulas
  • Making the connection between the structures, elements and lists
  • Determining the type of graphic elements: charts, indicators, etc.
  • Defining scripts for processing calculations within the structures and elements

Result: ready-made prototypes of storage structures

  • Development of dashboards – for data visualization
  • Determining the type of diagrams
  • Creating links between dashboards for convenient transition between panels
  • Communication with other online systems (enterprise portal, etc.)

Result: ready-made interfaces to data

  • Definition of data acquisition scheme for each element: automatic, manual input etc.
  • Rules definition: codes, guides, reception frequency, etc.
  • Creation a data correlation system for communicating with a source
  • Performance of tests

Result: the data is uploaded into the system with specified frequency and is calculated according to the algorithms

  • Carrying out several iterations of data uploading
  • Carrying out calculations for production expenditures
  • Correlation between actual results and planned ones
  • Correction of the discrepancies defected

Result: the lack of calculation errors

  • Environment preparing – servers, virtual machines, etc.
  • Software preparing – DBMS, modules and extensions, web server
  • Installation and system debugging, backup setting
  • Training of IT staff to support and operate the system
  • Training of project group to support methodology in the system

Result: support ready-made team and deployed environment

  • Accompanying the initial steps in the system
  • Passive control of IT service and project team
  • Discussion of the need for enhanced technical support

Result: production use of the system